Where Jewish Grandmothers Come From ~ Poems by Deb

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From the winner of the 2011 Poetica Publishing Chapbook contest for There's Jews in Texas? 

Debra Winegarten brings us her sequel, keeping the conversation of Jewish identity, practice, and family alive and thriving in the Diaspora. 

"Debra Winegarten not only exposes her heart with this poetry collection, she offers us her soul. Her grandparents must be kvelling in Heaven. I'm kvelling, and I'm not even her grandmother. Hmm, maybe I could adopt her."

-Dr. Marjorie Brody, author of Twisted, 2014 TAA Best Adult Fiction Book Award

"As a Jewish daughter, granddaughter, mother, and grandmother, Debra Winegarten's new book of poems - Where Jewish Grandmothers Come From - made me laugh, cry, and long to talk to and to be held again by my mother and grandmothers. Her poems evoked many long ago memories for me and they will for you too regardless if you are Jewish or not. A lovely book to treasure and to give as special gifts." 

-Michele Missner, Librarian. 

"Debra Winegarten's poems are sweet slivers of homemade goodness, left to cool on the windowsill. Plainspoken and passionate, she reminds us of the centrality of family bonds, across generations, and the simple beauty of walking in the Jewish traditions. Wherever Jewish grandmothers do come from, they are made most welcome and bidden to stay for a spell, enchanted by her words."

-Rabbi Neil F. Blumofe, Congregation Agudas Achim, Austin, Texas 

Debra Winegarten, a third-generation Texas Jew lives in Austin. She teaches sociology at a local university and works for the American Astronomical Society. By night, she writes.


Author Debra L. Winegarten 

Number of Pages 60 

Format Hardcover 

Publication Date 2014

Language English

Publisher Sociosights Press 


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