A Dallas Jewish Journey

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A Dallas Jewish Journey takes you from the first jew in Dallas, Alex Simon, to Soviet Jewry's flight for freedom - and beyond. 

Rare archival photos and footage accompanied by original music bring to life the colorful and poignant story of the challenges and growth of the Dallas Jewish community from 1858 through today. 

Its history shows a pattern: new arrivals get the help they need from those who came before them, then willingly help those who come after them. As the legacy of many whose stories are already told lives on, new stories are being written today, and added to the archives of the Dallas Jewish Historical Society. The Dallas Jewish Journey is already moving on into the future!

Key Details 

 Narrator                                                                         Stephen Tobolowsky 

Running time                                                                  17:30 minutes 

Format                                                                           DVD

Publication Date                                                             2009

Language                                                                       English 

Publisher                                                                       Dallas Jewish Historical Society 


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