Ehrenberg: Goliad Survivor ~ Old West Explorer

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  • About the Author of Book I: The Amazing Life of Herman Ehrenberg, A Biography 


Born on the island of Galveston, Natalie Ornish at age 14 enrolled in Sam Houston State University, where she recieved the B.A. degree in English at age 17. At 18, she was the youngest person to recieve a Master's degree from Northwestern University. 

Ornish then worked for the Associated Press in Chicago and Omaha. She has served as contributing editor for many magazines. In Dallas, she wrote for Rogers and Smith Advertising. she became one of the nation's first female film producers. Ornish has done extensive lecturing and writing on early Texas history. A previous book by Natalie Ornish recieved two national awards and merited an illustrated, excellent review in the New York Times Book Review. She researched and wrote more than sixty biographies for The New Handbook of Texas. 

She is listed in Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in World Jewry, and Foremost Women in Communications. She has been interviewed widely on radio and television. 


Key Details 

Author                                                                                 Natalie Ornish 

Number of Pages                                                                 403 

Format                                                                                Hardcover

Publication Date                                                                  September 1997 

Language                                                                            English

Publisher Name                      


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