Dallas Jewish Genealogical Guide

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Dallas Jewish Genealogical Guide

Here are all the answers for how to go about your Jewish genealogical research if you can’t visit the major resource centers in person. Though especially designed for people living in the Dallas area, this book is of value to Jewish researchers in other parts of the U.S. as well.

More than just a research guide, this book serves as an up-to-date how-to book as well as a course textbook. Beginners and novices alike will find useful research leads and a multitude of other helpful hints.


Topics covered include:


  • How to write a good genealogy letter
  • How to interview people for information
  • How to organize your genealogy information
  • The best books for your research and where to get them
  • The best computer software to use
  • How to get information from the former USSR
  • Local sources of information
  • How to get information that is on file with the government
  • What your name means
  • How to find out about relatives killed in the Holocaust
  • How to tap into huge computer databases

Author                                                                            David A Chapin

Number of Pages                                                            134 pages

Format                                                                           Softcover

Publication Date                                                             1993

Language                                                                       English 

Publisher                                                                        Dallas Jewish Historical Society

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