Jewish Roots in Poland

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"Certain to become a timeless classic, Miriam Weiner's Jewish Roots in Poland" Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories is at once a breathkingly poignant memorial album of a vanished world and a superlative travel guide to Jewish sites in Poland. The book also offers a thorough inventory of surviving Jewish records in Poland - presented here in a single authoritative source for the first time - meant to assist Jews around the world in tracing their Polish-Jewish ancestry back many generations into the past.

This unprecedented publication contains the first officially sanctioned lists of Jewish-related documents within Polish archives at both the state and town (local) levels, and within archives in the formerly Polish areas of Ukraine and Belarus. It provides updated information on the holdings of Warsaw's famous Jewish historical Institute and the concentration camp archives at Majdanek and Auschwitz-Birkenau. In addition, it offers succinct entries on more than two dozen Polish cities where major Jewish communities once thrived and features several specific chapters contributed by foremost experts.

Produced by an American genealogist renowned for her expertise with Eastern European archives, Jewish Roots in Poland is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of full-color photographs, both new and old; detailed color maps and examples of archival documents; and beguiling antique postcards from the author’s personal collection.

Seven years in the making, Jewish Roots in Poland is much more than an essential aid for genealogists or – with its thorough bibliography – Holocaust scholars and historians. In a more general way, it is must reading for everyone who understands the importance of remembering the 3 million Polish Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Never before has there been a book about the Jews of Poland like this one. A major monument to their memory, it is a work that belongs in every Jewish home."

Key Details 

Author                                                     Miriam Weiner

Number of Pages                                     446 pages

Format                                                    Hardcover

Publication Date                                      1997

Language                                                English

Publisher                                                 Routes to Roots Foundation

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